Danielle Revives, Founder and Doggy Walker

Definitely her father’s daughter, Danielle loves the outdoors, four-legged creatures and being her own boss. A former retail turned corporate maven, Danielle always wanted to be a part of the pet-care industry but didn’t know where to begin. Armed with a Rolodex of informative colleagues and a slew of logged volunteer hours with pet-care non-profits, Danielle was soon on her way to starting a doggy walking biz.

Raleigh St. Clair, Co-Founder & Danielle’s Assistant

Here now enter, Raleigh St. Clair. Danielle’s right-pawed man. Named after a character played by Bill Murray; he brings the jazz and sophistication to everything. Literally… everything.

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Jessica Sebree, Founder and Doggy Walker

On a mission to create a well-rounded doggy walking service, Danielle knew she needed someone special to brainstorm with. Cue Jessica. Jessica a former restauranteer and student of fashion turned visual merchandiser; creativity is her backbone. With a city mind and country heart, Jessica was a perfect fit to the Play and Paws vision. Her fondness for the coast and her years of experience with animals big and small made her the perfect business partner.

Lucas, Co-Founder & Jessica’s Assistant
The newest addition to the Play and Paws gang is Jessica’s heart and soul, Lucas. (Other than her husband, Adam, of course.) Lucas, a pup filled with the gentlest might is Jessica’s best judge of character.

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Turbo, Inspiration and Trustee

None of this would have been possible without the existence of Turbo, a Bagle Hound. She was wise and cultured. Her passport included stamps to and from Hawaii, California and New Zealand. She ran Danielle and her husband, Patrick’s life and with this fact, they were fine. She loved her walks. We miss you, lady.