Are you insured and/or bonded?
What are your credentials?        
Are you a franchise?
How are your rates determined?
Do you have boarding facilities?
When do you walk my dog?
What happens if it’s bad weather out?   
What if my dog doesn’t like a leash?   
Do you need keys to my house?   
How do you keep my home and possessions secure?
As a business, what are you doing to minimize your carbon footprint?

Q: Are you insured and/or bonded?
A: Yes, we’re insured and bonded. This was an important detail, we didn’t overlook! We are covered by Pet Sitters Associates. They are one of the most highly recognized advocates and respected authorities of pet sitter insurance throughout the nation.

Q: What are your credentials?
We knew we couldn’t go into this industry blind, so we immersed ourselves in dog culture. We read tons of books, volunteered countless hours with shelters and rescue groups, connected with some of the best doggy walkers, trainers and pet sitters in the Bay Area, became active members of the Professional Peninsula Pet Sitters network and enrolled ourselves in “doggy college”. We are certified by dogTec, the Pet Care Services Association and PetTech for First Aid and CPR care. Lastly and most importantly, the best lessons happened while out on the field, so day after day - we visited dog parks, off-leash dog friendly open preserves, on-leash dog hiking trails and miles of doggy heaven coast line. We walked close to 500,000 steps (that’s what the pedometer says at least) towards our greater doggy education for not only our benefit but yours.

Q: Are you a franchise?
A: No siree. We are privately and locally owned by two gals with a common passion for animals, nature and the Bay Area. We heart our job and we adore this place - it’s where we’ve grown roots and it’s where Play and Paws was born.  You can rest assured that your money stays in California when you use our service - it’s not sent to a corporate headquarters. GO Giants!

Q: How are your rates determined?
A: We strive for quality rather than quantity. We believe in focused attention for your doggy, hence our specialization of private and semi-private walks and hikes. We know it’s smarter, kinder and safer to keep our services tailored to either one dog or a small group of dogs rather than a large pack. Not to mention smaller packs are so much friendlier on the environment. We put much effort into our continued education and training for better care of your doggy and our business. These details and the fact that we keep a higher level of insurance for your doggy and property are what determine our rates.

Q: Do you have boarding facilities?

A: No. However, we do know both pet care providers that can remain at your home and/or trust-worthy boarding facilities with excellent caretakers should you need to leave town for an extended period of time. We are happy to provide you with a list of names and numbers of groups that offer this service. P.S. Take the doggy with you, if you can! In this day and age, so many places are super pet friendly.

Q: When do you walk my dog?
A: Anytime between Monday through Friday, 730am – 530pm. Some of our clients prefer us to visit in the early morning, others around twelve, while some clients prefer we come in the late afternoon. We’re flexible to provide the care that both you and your doggy need.

Q: What happens if it’s bad weather out?
A: Don’t worry, we won’t melt. We have all-weather gear for the rainy, cold days. If it rains, we’ll ensure to towel-dry your doggy off before we leave your home. (Wet paw prints on the couch are the worst!) If your doggy isn’t a fan of the rain, we’ll just go out for a quick potty break and spend the rest of the time hanging indoors. In extreme weather, services may be modified for the care of everyone involved.

Q: What if my dog doesn’t like a leash?
A: As it is a state-wide ordinance to have all dogs on leashes when in a public area and for the safety of your doggy, we will always have them leashed. Only in your yard or designated off-leash areas, will we allow your doggy to be without a leash. Your doggy, inevitably, will have to get used to wearing a leash. Safety first!

Q: Do you need keys to my house?
A: As you’re probably busy, we assume you won’t be at home when we come to pick up your doggy. With that being said, we request that we have (2) copies of your house key. One will be with us, on person, while the other is locked in our security coded safe. The second key is for emergency purposes only in the event the other key breaks or is lost. Unfortunately, we don’t accept garage door openers as a form of entry to your home. Garage door openers can sometimes be faulty and are expensive to replace if lost or broken. Nor do we want you to leave a key hidden for us, as this is not a secure option for your house. If you live in a secured building with either a doorman or security check, please have a written permission form for us, granting us entry into the building for pick-up/drop-off of your doggy.

Q: How do you keep my home and possessions secure?
A: Your security is one of our top priorities. We don’t wear any type of promotional or advertising clothing into your home. Nor do we have advertisements on our cars. Advertising our business via clothing and/or signage while making doggy visits sends a clear sign to would-be-intruders, “This person is not home.”  It’s fantastic advertising for us, but less security to you. Also, before leaving your home, we ensure that all doors we entered in and out of are securely locked behind us and that your alarm is set. Check and check!

Q: As a business, what are you doing to minimize your carbon footprint?
A: We keep our business practices simple - reuse, reduce and recycle. We try our darnedest not to use paper, but if we have to, it’s post consumer recycled.  We work with local vendors that provide green printing services by way of recycled papers, soy inks and tree planting. All of our clean up materials are biodegradable, from the poop bags to the face wipes.  Majority of our pet supplies have been either purchased by way of second hand stores or received through donations. Only when obtaining travel crates, first aid supplies and walking gear did we purchase these items new for safety and hygienic purposes. How we kept this green was by buying these items from Pet Food Express and the Peninsula Humane Society. Both of which are locally owned, operated and within 8 miles from our base of operations. How do we keep ourselves green by way of transportation? Our daily routine is based on where our clients are and the times they need our services. We have spent countless hours mapping and planning our routes to ensure for the least amount of travel which benefits both the Earth and the doggies. We are currently working with The Bay Area Green Business Program to lighten our footprint. We’ll keep you updated on our certification into the “Green Company” world!