Private Walk or Hike
A private walk is a chance to “take care of business”, a time to stretch the limbs, a practice of “Good Doggy Citizen” training and, of course, an indulgence of hugs and belly rubs. All of this takes place, one on one, in your dog’s familiar neighborhood surroundings for their ease and comfort. Following, we will visit a safe and local dog-friendly spot for some playtime and social doggy chatter.
  • One Hour: $37.50 per walk/hike
  • Two Hour: $52.50 per walk/hike
  • $30.00 each additional dog (Up to 3 dogs per household)
Semi-Private Walk or Hike
A semi-private walk is much like a private walk but includes the company of up to 3 dogs. Dogs that are in similar neighborhood areas with compatible temperaments, within the same size frame and a common likeness for each other will be grouped together for “Good Doggy Citizen” walking and playing time at a safe and local dog-friendly spot.
  • One Hour: $27.50 per walk/hike
  • Two Hour: $42.50 per walk/hike
  • $20.00 each additional dog (Up to 3 dogs per household)
Take a Hike!
Both our private walk and semi-private walk options can be upgraded to a hike at no additional cost. This option is a great way for your doggy to dispense energy and get a beautiful whiff of fresh air. We will visit dog-friendly hiking trails that are considered mild to moderate along the Peninsula or Coast. Feel free to tell us to “take a hike”! (Your doggy will love it.)

(For our regular Play and Paws clients only.)

Drop-In Visit
A drop-in visit is a walk around the block, a potty break, water and/or food refresh that will definitely include a few snuggles. We recommend this service as a secondary visit to the walk or hike (I.E. You’re going to be late home from work, past your doggy’s feeding time and you need us to step in for you).
  • 20 Minutes: $17.50 per visit
  • $10.00 each additional dog (Up to 3 dogs per household)
Doggy Taxi*
A doggy taxi drop-off or pick-up is super easy. If we’re en route to or from the dog park and your doggy’s vet or grooming appointment is on the way, we will safely chauffer your pet to or from their destination.
  • Drop-off to appointment: $15.00
  • Pick-up from appointment: $15.00
*If your doggy needs to be accompanied while at their vet or grooming appointment, please notify us of this engagement at least one week in advance. Special rates will apply.

Doggy Wash**

A doggy wash is not a chore for us, but a moment to clean up and spruce up after a good doggy play session. We will soap, suds and condition your pet with an organic doggy shampoo and conditioner and finish up with a blow dry for a soft, shiny coat.
  • $20.00 (8-30lbs doggy)
  • $25.00 (31-70lbs doggy)
Doggy Brush**
A doggy brush-out is our way of having quiet time with your pet. Brushing and/ or combing will not only remove excess hair, rid tangles and avoid matting but also serve as a light massage. And, c’mon now, who can refuse a massage?
  • $10.00 (Short-haired doggy)
  • $15.00 (Long-haired doggy)
**Should you need additional grooming services for breed specific care (I.E. coat trimming, anal gland suppressing, etc.), we unfortunately do not provide these services. We would be more than happy to make recommendations, as we have close relationships with several dog-grooming establishments throughout the Peninsula and Coastal areas.

Special Request?
Do you have a need for a specific service that is not listed? Please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

We serve the following areas:

San Bruno
Moss Beach
El Granada
Half Moon Bay

What About Us?
Don’t see your hometown on our list of covered areas? Contact us anyway – we might be able to make something work.