All doggies need a workout and social interaction on a very continual basis for the benefits of a healthy and long life. As you are out and about all day long, working hard towards your ultimate goal; sometimes providing this much needed attention to your doggy can take a backseat to your DVR time. Don’t feel bad, it’s the truth – we’re humans. (Believe us, we have those days of lazy-sofa-love too.)

Our personalized walks and hikes will reduce loneliness and provide stimulation while also leaving your doggy happier and calmer, awaiting your return home. Regular breaks from the confines of home (or the crate in some cases) also help to prevent a multitude of potential health hazards - dehydration, bladder infections, kidney stones, the list goes on. Gasp - eek! Who wants to experience any of that?

And that’s why, you, as a responsible dog owner are seeking a doggy walker. We love our job and we will love your doggy. As dog owners ourselves, we understand the “peace of mind” that comes with knowing your doggy is with someone you trust.

Ace's Dad, Michael:

Ace is a super happy camper after a walk with the Play and Paws ladies. The big guy gets a good one on one trek in the morning and is knocked out in front of the TV for the rest of the afternoon. When I get home from my early day at work, it's awesome to see his content smile and that he's rested. My home is intact rather than in shambles and my neighbors haven't complained about Ace's obsessive barking since the regular walks. (What a relief.) Thanks ladies - Ace and I appreciate you!

Zoey’s Mom, Noelle:

Zoey is a doggy on the Macdonald Farm. Here a dog, there a dog, everywhere a dog! Energy abound! I found out about Play and Paws through a co-worker of mine and I couldn't be happier. Zoey is a cutie, but boy, does she have some energy! While at work I used to worry about what the she was doing at home. Now a days, I don't have to worry. Zoey loves going out on her semi-private hikes. She gets loads of exercise, tons of hugs and love. No complaints here! Thank you so much, P and P Crew!

Beatrix’s Mom, Crystal:

Beatrix is my dainty princess! Because she’s six years old and slightly more fragile because of spinal issues, I was really picky about who cared for Beatrix. I met with the gals of Play and Paws and I was extremely happy with their knowledge, their care and concern for Beatrix and their willingness to be so accommodating to us. Beatrix loves her weekly walks.  She especially enjoys the gentle massages. Beatrix gets treated like a princess with not only me but with her doggy walking friends too! Thanks Play and Paws!

Kona’s Dad, John:

Kona is really into games of tug ‘o war. It amazes me that the Play and Paws girls haven’t pulled a shoulder playing with the guy! He’s still a pup, so his energy level is pretty high and he’s a big boy, so he’s still growing into his mountain dog legs. He’s been lovingly nicknamed “The Horse” by the Play and Paws group. We did extensive training with him prior to walking with Play and Paws and it’s awesome that they continue to support his lessons and training while out with them. Thanks Ladies! Kona told me to add in, “Mahalo.”